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State of a nation and state of mind

I have been watching Motherland: Fort Salem and lately it has been reminding me of Roe v.s. Wade as well as immigration. I am often up in the air w/ what to think because we are a melting pot BUT what happens when we run out of room for everyone? With the whole COVID thing we did unfortunately gain some space but no one for some reason wants to be anywhere else? I am not a big fan of the beliefs of our nation BUT I suppose anymore no nation believes what I believe anyways; however we are supposed to be a free nation w/o a belief system HOWEVER we now have a catholic in charge now and after Roe v.s. Wade getting turned around one has to wonder as women seem to no longer have 100% free choice over there bodies and they also are not 100% equal to men. Freedom they say but only so much.

People often are concerned about death in this and there is a debate on whether the fetus is alive or dead and this of course makes it difficult whether it's murder or not but not that I'm promoting murder or anything you also have to look to the fact that whether the baby will have a nice life or be treated properly and with so many people not having a place to live stuck in the system which is almost as bad as slavery in my opinion I'm not even sure what I believe in the whole matter I just don't want the person to suffer and will they suffer more not being born or what? I myself am more nature centered even though in a small city and need it to maintain some sustenance being a vamp; however I have a like/dislike relationship with people. However I do not have many real friends and am very different than most people.

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