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The big difference between EMO's and Goths!

1. Most Emo's are overly Emotional and suicidal people who generally cry and complain how they actually want to die because how there lives are so bad when they are usually suburban well off kids who shop at the mall while kids with problems cant even afford to shop at such places! HOWEVER some EMO's are not always so extreme but I have yet to met an EMO who does not go on about how horrible there lives are when they really are not so bad but I am sure there are so I have been told.

2. REAL Goths as well as Vampyres are angst dark people (more Angst than just depressed) who appreciate darkness and may hate life but there not usually selfish enough to kill themselves and bitch about wanting to die and bring others down as well as make them worry about there well being. There are however EMO Goths but I do not associate with people whiny and EMO enough to only cry and complain only about themselves... JP DDG

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