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Vampyres, energy, and the moon

The moon is a very powerful magnetizer of energy; on the full moon and when the moon is on the higher moon phase’s people and other animals emotions are often increased. How many times when crime is at a high, people are going crazy, or the police and/or the emergency services are called out more than usual do you hear people claim “it must be a full moon”? As Vampyres we should embrace this and harness the moons power and ability’s. I myself when the moon is especially beautiful and noticeable right out the moon and ask her to share her natural abilities. You may however want to be careful because if you do not particularly know how to ground overly negative energy or transfer it you yourself could be overwhelmed with negativity. I myself do pretty well with that and tend to try and only focus on positive things. This I believe is one reason why the night time is the easiest time for us Vampyres to feed as energy is at a higher point and easiest to take as well as manipulate. I also believe as Other Kin and because of our abilities as Vampyres the moon is a natural source for us as well as a beacon (for Energy). I believe we are supposed to harness this as children of the Moon. It is often said that the sun is the beacon and light for Human/Animal as well as Plant kind in the physical world and I believe we as Vampyres/Other Kin are children of the night or another plan (astral). Therefore the moon is our beacon and strength. To harness this one (a Vampyre) only has to focus and use this to the best ability. Red candles are best used as power candles for these types of rituals. One only has to will there results to harness them. Since the moon is our beacon and source this should be pretty easy to do. The moon is more than willing to help

us as it is our aid in energy consumption just as the Humans, other Animals and Plants have the sun to aid them in energy. © Rev. JP DDG

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